Installation Peter Stohrer


Portrait Peter Stohrer - Künstler, Kurator

Photo: Clemens Willenberg, 1981

„I can’t imagine life without art“

Peter Stohrer (1951-2017) was an artist and curator. His encounters and life situations are reflected in his works, which are open-pored testimonies of an artist’s path. Beyond media boundaries, he turned to various modes of expression and techniques – from photorealism to pop elements, expressive gestures, color painting, artist books, copy art, painting bodies, minimal tendencies to installation painting. All these possibilities he explored for himself deeply touched by the materials, by his artistic environment and life. Art emerged out of doing, and so it is less stylistic categories than modes of action that characterize Stohrer’s language: collaging, layering, grating, building, bringing together – juxtaposing, breathing, smirking, repeating, looking into the infinite and never “too perfect”.

Text: Michael Stockhausen, 2022



  • Galerie Gisela Clement


    The painting bodies are a genuine invention of Peter Stohrer. In them, the painter, stage designer, space-savvy curator, and ever-building artist created his own space, a three-dimensional field of possibilities. Text: Michael Stockhausen, art historian


    20.10.2022 - 02.12.2022



Graphic Works
Graphic Works
Stage Design
Stage Design

For Stohrer, every space was a designed space. This could mean promise or threat.

In Cologne (1985-1994) he turned to the theater space. This was followed by an intensive exploration of the possibilities of light and stage design. He created stage designs and lighting concepts for various productions at the Theater am Bauturm, Severinsburg Theater, Theater am Sachsenring and the independent group Theatersyndikat. In addition to his freelance artistic work, Peter Stohrer has always been interested in design, whether in the form of his own artist books, catalogs and invitation cards or on behalf of other artists and cultural institutions.